make 2020 your year to Ride the Coffs Coast

Whether it be a bike tour or bike hire, the Mid North Coast of Australia is a nature lover’s paradise for all biking adventures. We have an amazing playground for those who like to explore the great outdoors and get in touch with nature. 

Montem Bike Tours is rider owned and operated, offering guided bike tours and bike hire for things to do in Coffs Harbour and on the Mid North Coast.  

No need to be a seasonal rider, we have casual rides around the Jetty Foreshores at a leisurely pace which gives you wonderful photographic opportunities and plenty of fun memory making moments to share with your friends and family back home.  Our various bike tours, including bike hire will take you to many Coffs Harbour attractions, so please give us a call for your next adventure.

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Coffs Harbour is officially the most livable climate town in Australia (assessed by CSIRO), and exploring our region by bike is magical.  We will take you to all the best places and make recommendations to suit you, and ensure you have a wonderful time whilst in on the Coffs Coast.

We also have day trips from Coffs Harbour which are customised and full of memory making moments, please contact Olly & Kristy on 0487600839 so we can make your biking adventure a reality.

“Life is better on a mountain bike’


Great morning out I spent the morning with Olly to myself showing me around the jetty, harbour and nearby beaches on great quality mountain bikes. Olly is a very friendly person who made me feel like I was spending a few hours being shown around by an old friend with lots of information about life in Coffs Harbour from a local who clearly loves living here. We did just over 15km in 2.5 hours at an easy pace with lots of great view/chat/photo stops, fresh air and wildlife. It was windy but still a comfortable ride. Much better than just walking around and I would highly recommend the trip for solo, families or groups and well priced. Thanks again Olly!
View Coffs Harbour in different way! We initially booked a biking tour for 5 people, one being very inexperienced. Kristy and Olly were extremely patient in making sure all of us were comfortable on the bike before taking us to enjoy the oceanic view. Olly is super knowledgeable about the area as well as giving amazing restaurant recommendations. We enjoyed our first bike tour so much that we decided to book a second one immediately after! The second tour is on a different route and double the distance! We enjoyed both tours so much! Highly recommend Jetty by Bike Tour to both inexperienced and hesitant cyclists as well as seasoned cyclists looking to explore the beautiful area.
Our kids just completed their first mountain bike safety and skills 2 day course with Montem. They loved it! Olly and Kristy are excellent teachers, very friendly, catering to a whole range of skills and levels of confidence. Every kid in the group improved significantly in just 2 days. They learnt safety, caring for their bike, new skills, and respecting pedestrians and other riders. I would highly recommend Montem. We will be back for more next school holidays!


Phone:  Kristy & Olly – 0487600839